Open Architecture

Connectivity is the central feature of PearlSynt

PearlSynt is aimed at seamlessly integrating into Clients’ existing business. It offers open, flexible methods of connectivity to accommodate the most respected third-party data providers and technology systems. It may seamlessly integrate with existing systems as well as brokers, banks and fund administrators.

Our PearlSynt integrated suite can process inbound files in most industry standard formats. This enables data within the system to be imported, exported and transferred to external systems in many industry standard formats.

PearlSynt allows  to easily define an organisation with the minimum of technical constraints:
  • 24/7 access
  • from anywhere
  • on all types of devices
  • with a user-friendly interface
  • New strategies
  • New asset-types
  • New reporting
  • New indicators
  • New counterparties such as Brokers, Depositary Banks, Central Administration…
  • New data in the Data Management System
  • New functionalities, new modules, new applications
  • Adapt existing functionalities
  • Answer to new regulations
  • Change a counterparty
  • Have a back-up solution

Our Clients can:

  • keep their organisation with their existing Relationships, Partners, Counterparties and other service Providers, or
  • choose among our Network of Counterparties and Delegates that have been pre-selected on the following key parameters:
    • Professional Reputation & Experience
    • Financial soundness
    • Ownership structure known and clear
    • Complementary with other Members (incl. for back-up)
    • Level of automation
    • Share our Values
    • Limited conflict of interests within our Network

Some investment strategies request a very specific level of expertise, this is the reason one we prefer to avoid to work with only one type of organisation (configuration).