Manager Suite

A Next Generation effective technology to run your fund efficiently

We offer our Clients our PearlSynt innovative Front to Back-Office cooperative investment management system.

Our PearlSynt Investment Manager Suite (“PIMS”) is designed to increase the investment performance with decision support, accurate analysis, real time simulation and best execution support.

The integrated PearlSynt solution includes:

Module Description
PMS Portfolio Management System
OMS Order Management System
EMS Execution Management System
RIC Risk & Compliance Management System
WON Workflow Management System
DMS Data Management System
REP Reporting & Performance
SHA Sharefile
ADI Full Audit Trail

for improved investment decision-making and execution.

Equipped with PearlSynt, our clients operate in the most efficient way possible: achieving alpha, reducing portfolio costs, managing risk and compliance, attaining best execution in the most economical conditions.

It helps our clients meet the demands of shortening settlement cycles and the best execution and reporting requirements of MiFIDII.