Cornerstone of your Investment Management Process

We take the technology burden on our shoulders

The PearlSynt investment technology suite is fully integrated with the PCM fund management and platforms services, and middle office functions, as the multi-asset tool for managing the trades’ lifecycle.

It provides fund managers and investment advisers of a Fund with seamless services ranging from pre-trade compliance, trade execution and portfolio management, right through to NAV, risk management and UCITS and AIF fund reporting.

It strongly positions PearlTree as the ultimate ‘Total Fund Solutions’ provider”, offering a complete and seamless range of fund management services and cooperative investment technology.

Complete asset class trade coverage

The PearlSynt OMS (Order Management System) is a truly holistic tool for the buy and sell sides that generates orders in an easy and fluid manner with a complete asset class coverage (equity, fixed income, foreign exchange electronic trading, commodities, …), and smart allocation functionality.

Manage your trade regulatory compliance

The PearlSynt EMS (Execution Management System) and PearlSynt RIC (Risk & Compliance Management System) guarantees to your fund, a pre-trade, post-trade and end-of-day monitoring, compliant with regulatory requirements. It provides advanced compliance rule building, reporting and a complete audit history.

Manage efficiently your Portfolio

The PearlSynt PMS (Portfolio Management System) provides real-time position management and portfolio analysis, enabling portfolio managers to measure a portfolio versus a benchmark with added criteria of compliance parameters, liquidity and cash-flow.

Gauge your fund’s risks and performances

The PearlSynt REP (Reporting & Performance) enables you to gauge and consolidate end-of-day and intraday risk levels with precision in one place with a complete risk analytics and reporting solution. It helps you make quicker, more informed decisions and enable you to measure market-related and security-specific risk exposures for your portfolios.

For more details on PearlSynt modules, please refer to the following page: Manager Suite >.