A Priority

Our PearlSynt technology empowers you to stay reactive and efficient

Investment management firms imperatively need to respond rapidly to market shifts to minimize risk and take advantage of opportunities presented by market and regulatory change. This includes new asset classes, new strategies, new valuation methodologies, new operational processes, increased counterparty risk, increased liquidity risk, cost pressures and new regulatory reporting.

As of today, Investors and Regulators demand more and more reporting and risk analytics.

Further, the landscape for investment management technology is highly competitive and requires productivity and cost efficiency.

Technology is a key component of asset management, integral to many aspects of the investment process including trading, compliance, risk management, operations, regulatory and investors reporting.

Investment technology should provide the unseen “plumbing” that ensures information flows smoothly throughout the ecosystem.

Fund managers and Advisers need to address these changes with an integrated investment technology that:

  • Breaks down barriers between front-, middle- and back-office functions;
  • Connects key trading functionality to the investment decision-making process,
  • Supports consistent investment workflows,
  • Facilitates timely communications with both internal functions and external parties involved in the investment process, such as trading counterparties and custodians

in order for them to focus on implementing informed decisions more quickly and delivering value to their clients.