Our Man.Co services

Our PearlTree Third Party Management Company Services solution is flexible, fast, and innovative.

We do not replace the Fund’s Promoter as a middle or back office service provider, but we work with him to strengthen the fund’s operating model. We provide operational added value to the Promoter and ultimately a greater comfort to investors and regulators.

No need of any additional license

The approval of our PCM management company by the CSSF (supervision authority of the Luxembourg financial sector) is valid for all European Union member states.

PCM offers all regulatory risk management, compliance, governance and reporting services you and your fund may require.

PCM may be appointed as the investment manager of your fund set-up under a foreign law.

We are performing most of the regulatory duties internally with our experienced team of specialists and thanks to our PearlSynt technology.

Some functions such as central administration are delegated to recognized services providers. As requested by law, we monitor these counterparties on an on-going basis.

We provide you with the full mandatory substance

Setting up your own Management Company can be extremely resource-intensive and you may not wish to deploy the full mandatory EU substance in-house, and its associated costly organisation while remaining in full compliance with the EU UCITS/AIFM regulation.

Take advantage of our turnkey cost-effective solution to manage your fund together with PCM, receiving all the back-office support, administration and other services you need for the creation, management and maintenance of the overall mandatory regulatory substance.

A “one-stop-shop” straightforward efficient solution

You deploy the investment strategy of your fund together with PCM acting as a Man.Co governed by chapter 15 of the law of 17 Dec. 2010 (UCITS), or as alternative investment fund manager (AIFM) in compliance with the law of 12 July 2013 (AIFMD).

Our PCM Man.Co service is an operationally ready and economically viable solution to support the launch and on-going management of your AIFs or UCITS funds.

We take the entire burden, you own and operate the fund

As your designated “third party” Fund Man.Co, PCM will be responsible for the overall mandatory management of your fund, including compliance monitoring, risk management, investment performance monitoring, financial control, capital monitoring, internal audit, supervision of delegated third parties and overall responsibility for the conduct of the fund.

You may effectively operate as a sub-advisor to the fund, and can market the fund with your own branding. The management company can delegate portfolio management to your investment managers and take advice from your investment advisors.

We allow you to focus on the most important value-creation aspects of the fund (investing and raising capital) whilst we provide the regulatory substance, compliance, and governance.

Outsourcing management to PCM means increasing return

Our rent-a-Man.Co solution allows you avoiding delays, cutting initial expenditure, and increasing your return. It is reducing your fund’s operation expenses.

Our Man.Co enables you to

  • Meet regulatory substance, governance and legal requirements
  • Undertake investment management and distribute in Europe through accessing our EU passport
  • Optimise the capital raising process, distribution strategy and cross-border operations
  • Mitigate risk and reduce liability exposure
  • Minimise operating costs, distraction and time by providing speed to market
  • Provide comfort to investors, stakeholders and regulators as a long-term strategic solution

When to appoint a Man.Co to a Promoter’s Fund

Depending on our arrangement with our client, we can act under:

Investment Manager Setup > Find out more
PCM delegates the Investment/Portfolio Management function to a Promoter’s licensed Portfolio Manager, and retains Risk Management

Our Man.Co provides the Portfolio Management oversight services:

  • Understanding of the investment strategy
  • Oversight and supervision of the portfolio building process
  • Review of risk consideration and techniques in the building process

Advisor Setup > Find out more
PCM retains the Portfolio Management and the Risk Management functions. The Promoter is the Fund’s Investment Advisor.

Our Man.Co fronts the Portfolio Management function, relying on the fund’s Financial Advisors’ advice to make investment decisions:

  • Responsive instant analysis and validation process after submission by the Advisor of a complete investment thesis
  • Formalisation of a data exchange format to optimise and build efficiencies around the investment approval process
  • Investment Committee held at the Management Company level and setting the Portfolio Management substance