Marketing and Distribution

PCM’s allows you to maximize the benefits of the management passport facilitating EU distribution as well as the distribution to many other global markets. Your distribution strategy can directly benefit from our expertise to rapidly assemble a distribution network, building on the solid foundation of our existing distribution agreements.

We provide a global and efficient fund registration solution to support your cross-border distribution ambitions.

Cross-border distribution goes beyond a simple distribution registration process of UCITS and AIFs. It encompasses the activation of retail and wholesale channels by private placement, as well as facilitating public offerings.

The UCITS Directive offers the opportunity for fund promoters to significantly reduce the time-to-market of their UCITS vehicles in Europe. The key components of any cross border distribution according to current regulations are the simplified notification process and the handling of the Key Investor Information Document (KIID). The streamlined management of these components creates possibilities to accelerate the time-to-market of funds and gain an edge in a fiercely competitive global context.

The Alternative Investment Managers Directive (AIFMD) provides the framework within the EU internal market for the cross-border distribution of Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs). It is based on the notion of the passporting of the alternative investment manager (AIFM) itself, in offering in multiple jurisdictions distribution for the alternative products under management. The challenges are in meeting host and home member state requirements, articulating those subtleties back to relevant third party countries and in understanding all the attendant requirements in regards to marketing and distribution.

We may implement, operate and maintain cross-border marketing and distribution networks of your fund in order to:

  • Be able to access the right markets as quickly as possible
  • Optimize cost management around all factors of fund distribution
  • Industrialize and streamline the fund distribution process
  • Ensure a smooth process across all parties from fund launch to maintenance
  • Keep on top of on-going regulatory changes across all distribution markets

We are the central point of contact and liaison between our client, the fund and local regulatory authorities in target markets, and with third party service providers. We may:

  • Support the sales and marketing activities of the fund from a compliance and risk perspective, including ad hoc advice and review of new sales and marketing initiatives and materials
  • Coordinate the fund registration and coordinate the required prospectus as appropriate, in compliance with local regulatory reporting obligations
  • Monitor appointed service providers in this area, including tax reporting monitoring and liaison with regulators as appropriate
  • Oversee and monitor new marketing regulations, and implement update in the documentation
  • Prepare fund fact sheets
  • Assist you in defining your pitch book
  • Proceed to the publication of the KIIDs and factsheets on the fund website.