Investment Management

Regulators as well as the best market practice do require investment decisions to be made by supervised and approved entities.

Open Architecture

Our asset management team is ready to work with most brokers or counterparties and to enter the play to facilitate the fulfillment of our clients’ missions.

In so doing, we provide our clients with elaborated investment strategies and opportunities in their area of expertise. Our investment management team swiftly implements our customers’ advice into effective investments.

Thanks to our in-house research team, to our PearlSynt technology, and to our Greenwich trading desk we guarantee the best execution of trades. Our corporate governance framework assures total independence between trade processing, risk and investment management.

Our experience in a broad range of investment strategies offers full flexibility to investment advisors that are not licensed to manage directly UCITS or AIF compliant funds.

The scope of our Asset Management function

Our Investment/Portfolio management service is:

  • either included in our Management Company offer,
  • or, organized as a standalone offer to another third party management company or fund.

Providing the delegated Portfolio Management Function

When the Promoter has its own Man.Co or when the Fund is self-managed, we can provide the Portfolio Management function as external service.

PCM is fully equipped to offer delegated investment management function on behalf of investment funds promoters and management companies (our clients), using our PearlSynt cooperative technology.

Investment Controls

We systematically perform pre-trade compliance checks, via our interactive PearlSynt investment tool. These checks effectiveness is the guarantor that harmful and onerous correction procedures will be avoided.

Our professional team monitors and controls the activities and accuracy of the asset management accounts, ensuring high quality and performance in order to meet the clients’ specific needs and reach their objectives.

Without sound decision oriented information, concerning quality and performance, it would be very difficult to keep up with the new challenges of the fund management industry. A deep analysis, which identifies the real return drivers is therefore interactively implemented by PCM, via our PearlSynt investment tool, taking into account risk limits imposed by the regulations.

Key aspects of our Asset Management Solution

Our management service empowers our Clients to efficiently implement their investment strategies without the need to set-up their own management company and in particular allows:

  • Selection of the best counterparts or brokers and their associated set-up,
  • Analysis of your investment decisions with compliance checks and pre-trade controls,
  • Due diligence on specific products,
  • Placement of orders (Dealing desk),
  • Trade follow-up until settlement is completed,
  • Review of the fund management structures with respect to investment guidelines and regulation.