Fund and Sub-Fund Set-Up

Fund Authorization

Setting up a fund in Luxembourg is a two-stage process in which: the promoter/investment manager is first approved, followed by approval of the fund itself and the arrangements with the various service providers.

Migrating your fund

Fund promoters are increasingly seeking to move their funds onshore to a recognized, regulated domicile in EU with an appropriate regulatory and tax framework and the right expertise.

Luxembourg checks all the boxes from an international promoter’s perspective and has introduced a new streamlined fund redomiciliation process.

Why set-up or move your fund to Luxembourg?

Please refer to the specific page > See page “Why Luxembourg”

Hassle-free environment to set-up a stand-alone fund or sub-fund

PCM is specialized in Luxembourg regulated fund structuration and incorporation.

PCM provides you with legal and technical assistance at each step of your fund project constitution or migration.

We offer In particular in those situations
Either the set-up of a stand-alone investment vehicle:

  • With a single investment portfolio, or,
  • Structured as a multiple compartments fund (also known as “umbrella fund”), which creates separate sub-funds (compartments) under the roof of a single legal entity

Or, the creation of dedicated sub-funds within our existing segregated ‘white labelled’ PearlTree  fund structures.

  • Launch a new EU fund
  • Migrate your Non-EU fund to an EU (Luxembourg) domicile
  • Migrate your AIF fund (ex: Part II of the 2010 Law or SIF) to a UCITS fund
  • Opt in to the application of the AIFM regime to benefit from the marketing passport
  • Setup an EU-based fund that mirrors the performance of an offshore fund

The Way to Go

We act as the set-up single point of contact in Luxembourg for the fund promoter, providing a hassle-free environment to enable you to focus on your core business.

We provide guidance on the structuring of your fund and co-ordinates the set-up, including assistance with the selection of the most suitable investment vehicle and service providers to fit your fund strategy.

We take care of all legal and operational steps required to launch your regulated investment fund.


Promoter/investment manager approval

The Promoter/investment manager does not have to be located in Luxembourg or subject to direct authorisation or supervision by the regulator (CSSF). But a standard application should be submitted, so that the CSSF can satisfy itself as to the standing of the Promoter/investment manager in its home jurisdiction. We prepare such application on behalf of Promoter/investment manager.


A new fund may typically be approved by the Luxembourg regulator (CSSF) within 12 to 16 weeks.