Our Funds Platform

What is PearlTree Fund Platform?

PearlTree Fund is our brand for white-labelled umbrella structures. We provide an entire fund management infrastructure value chain embedding portfolio management (that may be delegated), regulatory compliance, administration, risk management, governance and distribution capabilities as well as operational and reporting elements.

The fund organisation is approved by the CSSF and already in place with a Board of Directors, a depositary bank, a domiciliary agent, an administrator, a registrar and transfer agent, an external auditor and a legal adviser.

The Platform is particularly attractive for family offices, smaller funds and alternative investment fund managers.

The PearlTree Dedicated Sub-Fund (“DSF”) concept

By simply “renting” a DSF in our existing fund structures (umbrella funds), you can benefit from a fully compliant structure to launch quickly your own Luxembourg-branded and regulated investment fund.

We provide a flexible, cost-efficient, quick set-up and easy way solution for investment fund managers who seek to create their regulated investment vehicle, following a specific investment strategy, without the need to incorporate a complex stand-alone fund structure.

The assets and liabilities of each sub-fund are strictly segregated from those of other sub-funds.

Each Sub-fund may have its own portfolio manager, investment advisor, placing agent, prime broker, etc…

A separate Net Asset Value (NAV), calculated at a predefined frequency, is issued for each DSF and each class of shares.

A new sub-fund can be registered on our platform within eight weeks to six months depending mainly on the complexity of your investment strategy .