Self-managed Fund or Management Company

Your environment: Your fund is self-managed, or managed by your own compliant Man.Co.

Arrangement: You manage your fund. You may want to outsource the risk management, the share-class hedging or cash/liquidity management, use our middle-office services or delegate the production of the regulatory reporting or of your marketing materials.

Benefits: You will have access to our experts at a competitive costs, through our PearlSynt technology.

A solution designed for EU self-managed funds or Man.Co at early stage

Risk management, reporting requirements and regulatory compliance are not only becoming more important for licensing and on-going supervision of Man.Cos, but also much more costly in terms of time, money, systems and personnel.
The decision for small and medium sized funds and portfolio managers is how much they can invest and spend money to develop in-house teams, or whether to outsource that function to an external Man.Co, while retaining the portfolio management. That is a decision that needs to be made on a case-by-case basis depending on the fund’s size, its complexity and the availability of dedicated internal resources.