Investment Manager

Your environment: You have your own compliant Investment Manager entity.

Arrangement: PCM is appointed as the Management Company/AIFM of your fund and delegates the Investment Management function to your regulated entity. You decide of the investments, divestments and reinvestments of the assets.

Benefits: Speed to market, whilst avoiding the burden of operating your own AIFM/UCITS. Collaborative investment cycle through our PearlSynt technology.

A post BREXIT solution for UK based AM companies

  • While the terms of Brexit are not yet clear, many expect that UK-based management company entities will no longer be considered part of the EU.
  • In addition, some firms have been using UK-based UCITS funds for international distribution. Should these funds cease to qualify as UCITS, they may lose some of their attractiveness to international investors. This would erode future investment flows into such funds and some existing investors might redeem their holdings.
  • Post Brexit, UK-based AM firms may be obliged to create new entities based in the EU to fulfil the required ‘distributor’ roles to serve existing and new investors.
  • Therefore, UK AM firms will need to create new, EU-based entities to comply with EU regulations and serve their EU investors.
  • PCM may set-up and be the regulated Man.Co or AIFM for those EU-based entities of which a UK AM firm is the promoter and distributor in Europe.

UK based asset management companies may act as the Investment Manager to their PCM managed EU fund

UK investment managers could be authorized Investment Manager of their EU fund (managed by PCM) AIF or UCITS, depending on the scope of their activities:

Should be authorised under the EU Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive to act as an alternative investment fund manager
Example: UK investment manager to an AIF Luxembourg fund (managed by PCM)

UK UCITS Management Company
Should be authorised under the UCITS Directive to act as management company to a regulated UCITS fund
Example: UK Man.Co to a Luxembourg UCITS fund (managed by PCM)