Investment Advisor

We are looking for Investment Advisors to develop new products

Your environment: You are a renowned Investment Advisor with a recognized track-record.

Arrangement: PCM is appointed as the Man.Co. As Investment Advisor, you advise the fund Portfolio Manager (PCM or its delegated Portfolio Manager) on investments, divestments or reinvestments of its assets. In practice, the Investment Advisor will submit its documented advice to the Portfolio Manager who will then use its internal decision-making process for deciding or not to proceed with the proposed investment. The Portfolio Manager’s analysis will be completed and documented in writing before executing (or not) the investment advice.
Our collaborative investment cycle through our PearlSynt technology enables us to design a fully audited custom process and facilitates the exchange of information between the Investment Manager and its Investment Advisor.

Benefits: Speed to market, whilst avoiding the burden of operating your own AIFM/ UCITS. Collaborative investment cycle through our PearlSynt technology.

Our selection process of Investment Advisors

Because we want to provide our Clients/Investors with innovative and high-quality solutions, we are always looking for new Partners to detect new opportunities in order to develop new products and implement them with us.

Our Investment Advisor selection process is based on the following steps:

  1. Know my potential new Partner
    • Initial Due Diligence (credentials, AML/KYC, organisation)
    • Qualifications and experience
    • Conflict of interest checks including conflicts with existing funds
    • Complementary with our organisation
  2. Understand the opportunity
  3. Design a new product
    • Define the fund investment strategy
    • Define the investment universe
    • Define the investment decision process, including the procedure describing the independent and critical analysis by the Portfolio Manager of the transactions proposed by the Investment Advisor. The simple verification of the transaction’s compliance with the fund’s investment restrictions is not sufficient.
  4. Product Committee

Benefits: This provides the best of both worlds: full ownership and investment initiative of the fund with none of the heavy lifting of operating it internally.

A solution for a New-Launched fund

  • The Investment Advisor provides advice on investment matters to the fund.
  • The Investment Advisor selects, evaluates, recommends and monitors through the PearlSynt technology the appropriate investments that are consistent with the Fund’s needs, articles of incorporation and issuing documents.
  • The requirements listed in the legal documentation are complimented with mutually agreed investment and risk profiles.
  • The appointed Clients Investment Advisor for a SIF fund do not need to be authorized.
  • This however requires that orders (advice) be channelled through our Portfolio Management System in order to ensure full compliance at all times. This is done through our interactive PearlSynt technology.
  • The rights and duties of the Client’ Investment Advisor are governed by an Investment Advisory agreement.
  • One of the greatest benefits of this arrangement resides in its integrated and automated PearlSynt technology empowered checks and controls. This will allow the real-time monitoring of the regulatory requirements, as well as the option to set and monitor customized investment limits.