Why PearlTree?

To reinvent how to provide Third-Party Management Company Services

PearlTree is the fruit of a unique combination:

  1. An Expertise developed over the years both as Management Company and Asset Manager
  2. A set of Technologies implemented via a suite of selected interconnected solutions
  3. A Fund Ecosystem linking You, your Partners, your Delegates and Service Providers in an efficient and collaborative way
  4. An optimized Process specifically designed for the fund industry

with the following essential features:

  • All-in-one compliance solution
  • Full coverage (strategies, asset-types, markets)
  • 24/7 access from anywhere to a secured virtual desktop with user friendly interface
  • Open architecture
  • Efficiency with automated processes
  • Cost optimization

Our mechanical infrastructure to run your fund

We provide effective solutions for international fund managers and offer the overall mandatory management company services for regulated funds, well supported by a highly experienced and knowledgeable team of professionals.

We have the licenses, the processes and systems capable of handling your funds requirements.
We manage every aspect of your fund, enabling you to focus on your investors and your performance.
We supervise the day-to-day fund activities as well as related service providers.

Working with us enables our customers to benefit from existing relationships and competitive pricing structures with prime service providers: central administrations, custodian banks, depositories, auditors, distributors, and brokers…

PearlSynt collaborative investment technology to implement your investment strategy

We pride ourselves in providing you with the technology to operate your fund as a ready-to-use solution.
We reduce both the operational risk and workload. We increase your productivity and cost efficiency.

Experience and leading hedge technology

The state-of-the-art solutions and the PearlSynt collaborative technology reflect the insights and experience of our global investment fund platform.

We use our global network, strong industry knowledge, operational experience and portfolio intelligence to design and implement a value creation plan for your fund.

Cost-sharing & transparent pricing

  • All-in formation costs for full visibility
  • Pre-defined legal and regulatory infrastructure costs
  • Aggregated audit and fund administration costs
  • Institutional rates for transactions

Your Benefits working with us

  • Across-the-board optimised TER without budget tricks
  • No heavy investments into infrastructure and human resources
  • Optimisation of the time spent on compliance and administrative tasks enabling you to focus on managing assets and raising capital
  • Improved investment efficiency and enhanced productivity through our collaborative PearlSynt investment technology