What we provide

Our Offer: Investment Funds made simple

Having a regulated fund does not have to be a complex endeavour. We offer the overall mandatory management company services for your fund, supported by a highly experienced and knowledgeable professional team.

on your tasks to develop your Business and deliver value to your Clients.
a fully compliant fund ecosystem suitable to your needs.


With PearlTree you will focus on the creation of value for your fund, while we assist you with day-to-day administrative management, mandatory functions, the protection of your investors, and through our licence provide a distribution gateway to your fund in the EU.

PearlTree enables you to:

  • Hire our Management Company as a comprehensive suite of services
  • Enhance your productivity with our PearlSynt investment cycle technology
  • Operate effectively your fund in the EU
  • Undertake investment management and distribute your fund in Europe
  • Optimize your capital raising process, distribution strategy and cross-border operations
  • Meet regulatory substance, governance and legal requirements
  • Mitigate risk and reduce liability exposure
  • Minimize operating costs and avoid waste of energy and time-saving
  • Speed-up the time-to-market of your fund
  • Provide comfort to investors, stakeholders and regulators

Key features at a glance:

  • State-of-the-art PearlSynt technology
  • Fully-fledged, cost effective and flexible solutions for established and start-up asset managers
  • Operations in a robust and stable location
  • Efficient on-boarding of your fund, design of operational flows, and provision of governance and regulatory requirements
  • Highly experienced team with portfolio management, risk management, middle-office services, governance, regulatory compliance, valuation and distribution expertise
  • Extensive service providers network

Traditional investment funds strategies:

  • Global Markets
  • Equity funds
  • Derivatives
  • Bond funds
  • Money market funds (MMF)
  • Mixed funds
  • Funds of traditional investment funds
  • Thematic funds investing in specific segments