Our Fund Ecosystem

Ecosystems thinking provides a new framework and mindset that captures a profound shift in the economy and the business landscape.

Pearltree™ defines itself as a comprehensive technologically connected fund business ecosystem designed to facilitate and optimize exchanges between the actors of the investment business environment.

The investment industry is moving towards relationship networks and focusing on core competencies.

Investment business firms and service providers are embedded in a business environment, and occupy a particular niche of business, heavily challenged by newly arriving species. Investment companies need to become proactive in developing mutually beneficial (“symbiotic”) relationships with investors, service providers, banks and regulators, through a highly communicative network. Technological Ecosystems enable investment organizations to respond and exist in an increasingly digital world.

PearlTree is an interactive community of investors, fund managers, fund service providers. Within PearlTree those organisms are actively communicating between them, exchanging in real time added value investment information through our PearlSynt technology, as members of complete ecosystem, with mutual benefits. Their diversity, and their collective interactive ability, to adapt and innovate together, are key determinants for the long-term success of our Ecosystem and its investors.

The PearlTree fund platform is a business model that creates value by facilitating, through our PearlSynt system, exchanges between those organisms of our investment business biotope. In order to make these exchanges happen, our platform harnesses and creates scalable networks of users (clients/investors) and resources (highly effective investment service providers) that can be accessed on demand. Our platform creates a community of actors, markets, transaction players, and facilitators within the Ecosystem that allow the user (our Client) to interact with service providers, and transact efficiently and with minimum dedicated resources.

Over time, the organisms of the PearlTree Ecosystem coevolve their capabilities and roles. It enables them to move towards shared visions to align their actions with optimum investment processes. They find mutually supportive roles and tend to align themselves set by the central aim: delivering the highest risk/reward to the investors and clients of the PearlTree Ecosystem in a constantly evolving regulatory environment.

At Pearltree we support sustainable organizational management and design of the investment business, based on the clear principle that investment organizations, as living organisms, are most successful when their development and behaviour are aligned with their core purpose and values – what we call “social DNA’”.

Our PearlTree platform is a business model, not just a piece of technology. It’s a holistic business model that creates value by bringing together, in an interactive way, our clients, fund promoters, investors, and fund service providers.

The goal of the PearlTree “business ecology” is sustainability, through the complete ecological synchronization and integration of business with the sites of clients, partners, and service providers that it inhabits, uses, and affects during the investment cycle.