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12 – Third Party Man.Co Services

12 – Third Party Man.Co Services

Your ManCo 2.0 at your fingertips

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Slide 2 – Always travelling

Slide 2 – Always travelling

Always travelling

You are flying all over the world to visit your investments, detect new opportunities, meet your Clients or raise capital.

Stay connected with your fund ecosystem

Our Investment Manager Desktop solution gives you 24/7 access from anywhere to a secured virtual desktop and keep you connected via our Portfolio Management System to your Fund, the Global Markets, your Counterparties, your Partners… in a fully compliant environment.

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Slide 3 – Launch your own business

Slide 3 – Launch your own business

Launch your own business

You are an investment management expert and you know that managing a fund requires time and concentration at all times.

Stay focused on your real value added

We assist you to set-up your own fund ecosystem adapted to your needs and the specificities of your investment strategy. We are the point of entry of all your requests and we manage the relation with your non-core counterparties to operate the Fund.
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Slide 4 – Because cost matters

Slide 4 – Because cost matters

Because cost matters

You experienced an increase of your fund Total Expense Ratio (TER) over the past few years with a lack of transparency.

Enhance your cost efficiency and productivity

We are an independent company with an open architecture, no link with any bank or fund administration. You can choose your Delegates and Counterparties or we can assist in the definition of your organisation using our existing Network of pre-selected Members.

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Slide 8 – Low to high frequency trading

Slide 8 – Low to high frequency trading

Low to high frequency trading

You are an active investment manager with a significant trade volume per day. You have experienced difficulties in your middle-to-back processes (accounting, settlement,…).

Your ManCo 2.0

Our global infrastructure has been designed to support high trading volumes with full Straight Through Processes (STP) from front-to-back. We have pre-selected a panel of Delegates who can sustain high volumes.

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Slide 10 – Trade all asset-types and access all markets

Slide 10 – Trade all asset-types and access all markets

Trade all asset-types and access all markets

You need to have access to all markets with a full asset coverage, 24/5.5 and you want to use specific algorithms.

Stay connected to hundreds of Brokers

Our Execution Management System (EMS) is connected via the FIX Protocol to a Network of Brokers. Our fully integrated solution provides reporting on Best Execution, Transactions Cost Analysis (TCA), EMIR, Market Abuse, Best Selection…

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Section 4 – Welcome

Welcome to PearlTree™,
the Management Company Services Solution
designed by Probus Capital Management S.A.

You focus
We provide
on your tasks to develop your Business and deliver value to your Clients.
a fully compliant fund ecosystem suitable to your needs.

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You are a fund promoter or a fund manager?

  • Looking to launch your EU regulated fund?
  • Seeking to optimize the productivity of your existing fund?
  • Wishing to distribute your existing fund in the EU?
  • Concerned by cost efficiency and TER?

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You have to deal with increasing EU regulation?

Navigating under EU regulation (UCITS or AIFMD) has proven to be resource-consuming.
It reduces your time to focus on managing assets and raising capital.

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How do you perform your Management Company mandatory functions?

Established substance is an important EU regulatory requirement for any Management Company activity.
Developing on your own the substance required by the EU is a tricky and costly exercise and requires critical size to run a viable internal model.

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Looking for innovative solutions dedicated to the Investment Management Industry?

Take advantage of our Innovative, cost-effective and fast-to-market EU funds solutions.
Enjoy your own Luxembourg fund, the fund’s distribution in the EU, the associated enhanced productivity and cost-killing benefits, be it for new fund launches or fund redomiciliation.

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Section 3 – Enhancing your Productivity

Our PearlSynt™ full investment cycle technology enhances your productivity.

Providing you with the most effective investment technology to run your fund.

Our PearlSynt leading investment productivity tool interfaces you on a single platform through the entire investment cycle:

  • Integrated from front to back with a straight through process,
  • From portfolio and risk management through trading, post-trade settlement, and reporting,
  • With integrated compliance management throughout.

We pride ourselves in providing you everything you need to efficiently run your fund with a ready to run technological solution. We reduce both operational risk, and your workload. We increase your productivity and cost efficiency.


PearlSynt PMS

Portfolio Monitoring System: displays real time positions, valuation & profit contribution.


PearlSynt OMS & EMS

Order Management System & Execution Management System: serves as the hub for trading operation with your Brokers, where orders are entered and trades lifecyle is followed.

PearlTree EXE

PearlSynt RIC

Risk & Compliance Management System: provides pre- and post-trade compliance checks on your portfolio & risk monitoring.

PearlTree RIP

PearlSynt REP

Reporting & Performance System: displays historical portfolio, P&L, NAV, cash, performance and risk measurements, and issues custom reports.

Section 6 – With Flexibility

Create & customize your fund ecosystem

We offer fully flexible configurations:

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Turnkey solutions for fund promoters

As a “Third Party” Management Company, we offer a panel of turnkey solutions to fund promoters looking for fully compliant EU UCITS and AIF environments.

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Management Company services

Our “Rent a Management Company” solution allows to avoid delays, cut initial expenditure and increase your return.

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A-la-carte regulatory functions

We seamlessly plug ourselves into your processes, and provide:

  • Portfolio Management,
  • Middle-Office Services,
  • Risk Management,
  • Fund Compliance, and
  • Fund reporting services.

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PearlTree Fund platform

Our established fund umbrellas provides a well-defined, cost efficient and user-friendly set of integrated solutions in establishing and managing funds domiciled in Luxembourg.

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